PRESENTATIONS are delivered through spoken word with visual aides, the sharing of personal life stories, and acknowledgement of participants' experiences.

WORKSHOPS are delivered through experiential learning activities that participants are guided through. Thereafter, with the guidance of the facilitator, participants reflect on and discuss their experiences and feelings as they are being taken through these activities.

SHORT-TERM PROGRAMS are delivered in a series of presentations and workshops that may span over 1 week to 12+ weeks and include a more intensive group format that fosters a safer and trusting environment to share personal learning and increased personal growth.


  1. Reliable
  2. Flexible with time and circumstances
  3. Demonstrates compassion, care, and open-mindedness
  4. Follow-up contact


We are strong people! Finding sources of resilience in tough times

Approaches on building resilience are highly useful for empowerment--for both Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people. Participants learn helpful tools to practice resilience that include healthy risk-taking, affirming the strengths of self and others, knowing our Indigenous cultural traditions, and healthy expression of feelings.



Participants in this workshop:

- Build confidence and positive risk-taking through public speaking and affirming the strengths of self and others.

- Become more informed on how taking risks and practicing assertiveness impacts motivation, feelings of boredom, and self-esteem.

- Learn how participation in and knowledge of Indigenous cultural traditions can impact one’s self-esteem.



“The card game helped us relate to how others were feeling.” —Workshop participant, Edmonton Dreamcatcher Youth Conference 2017.

Creative problem-solving strategies for dealing with life challenges

In this creative and self-reflective activity, participants are taken through two processes: one used by an individual and one group process they can use for problem solving in personal life and work situations.



"The training provided by Christine was thorough and insightful. Christine has a calm presence, but also created a sense of excitement. I believe it is her genuine love for what she teaches. Well-presented, fabulous job!" —Stan Tu’Inukuafe, Co-founder of STR8 UP 10,000 Little Steps to Healing Inc.

True Colours: Open your heart and mind to your own potential

Participants find out about the origin of the true colours personality types, sort blue, gold, green, and orange cards to find out their personality colour, and are taken through fun, interactive group activities that demonstrate the value of knowing about the true colours of themselves and others.



Recognize and encourage potential in self and others.

Bridge the gaps in communication, leading to respect and compassion for others and oneself.

Create successful relationships and a climate for effective learning.

Feeling good about oneself: empowerment and self-esteem building.

Strengthening Indigenous Intercultural Relationships

A presentation on building understandings about Indigenous people: our worldview, cultural beliefs, and what this means for our relationships with non-Indigenous people and newcomers to Canada.


“As a school that is committed to helping students begin engagement and discussion with Indigenous peoples, the course that Christine Fiddler teaches has been an enormous help. Students have been able to interact with Elders, residential school survivors, visit sacred sites, learn important Indigenous histories, and hear thoughtful presentations about the TRC and its report. She does an excellent job of facilitating interactive discussion and engagement. I would highly recommend her.” — The Rev. Dr. Gordon A. Jensen, Academic Dean, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon

Indigenous Insights

Medicine Wheel Teachings – the symbolism and meaning of the medicine wheel, the four entities, the creation story of Indigenous people in Canada, traditional parenting, and storytelling.

Gifts of the Circle & Ceremonial protocols: attending a sweat lodge, the purpose of spiritual names, gaining guidance and strength from traditional practices, taking meaning from dreams, fasting, the purpose of the giveaway in ceremonies, traditional values, understanding the connection of songs & dances to resilience.

Determine how extensive your workshop will be:

One-to-one Consultations - meet individually with the facilitator

Presentations - are on average one hour and focusses on delivery of relevant information and knowledge.

Workshops –  The facilitator will lead a learning activity with a group, who will practice skills and knowledge in  group activities.

Short-term community programs – provide a longer-term service in your community or organization that incorporates a wider range of topics. A certificate will be given at completion of program.


Next Steps...

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