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Christine Fiddler


Tansi! I am from the Waterhen Lake First Nation and currently live in Saskatoon.

I believe I have shown resilience and strength throughout my lifetime as an Indigenous women. Some barriers I have had to overcome include striving to recover from the intergenerational impacts of my two parents attending Indian residential school. I had to overcome a lot of barriers moving to the city from the reserve and getting through my education, then later, finding positive ways to get through hardship as a single mother. I feel fortunate to have grown up knowing about my Cree cultural traditions and living in my home community. Today, I remain active in my Cree spiritual & family traditions, personal healing, and doing activities I enjoy.

How Free The Spirit began:

The idea for this business was an initial thought of my parents, Armand J. Fiddler and Cecilia M. Fiddler, who talked about starting a family facilitation company since 2007. As a husband and wife they wanted to have their ten children employed in the business as facilitators and in other capacities. They envisioned that the family-focused business would serve people of all walks of life with a focus on helping improve the quality of life of Indigenous people and families. Furthermore, that it would eventually evolve into a healing lodge situated on Waterhen Lake First Nation traditional lands where people would come to heal and learn. Eventually, in the future of this business, the consulting services may expand to include other family members offering a more diverse skill set and knowledge base.

My passion for this business idea came from this work experience and the need to help individuals to be resilient, through measures in healing and cultural revitalization.

Cecilia Fiddler

Walking Bearclaw Woman

Tansi! My name is Cecilia Fiddler and my Cree spiritual name is Kamoskotewapeskwew (Walking Bearclaw Woman). My birth name is Mary Cecilia Madeline Ernest. I live my life following a cultural, spiritual, and traditional lifestyle free from alcohol and drugs. My late grandma, my dad, and my mom (still living), taught me these ways and they help me to be strong in my daily life. I would like to share these spiritual ways with others to live healthy lifestyles.

I am an Indian residential school survivor and attended from the ages of 9 to 13 years old. For those four years I was controlled and felt powerless. I suffered from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abuse. My spiritual ways helped me to deal with those issues and the healing is ongoing. These spiritual, cultural, and traditional ways (the teachings I was given before residential school) helped me to regain my self-esteem, hope, power, Cree identity, and guidance to live a life free from fear and oppression. The training that I took to become a Life Skills Coach and Family Violence training also helped shape me into the person I am today. I want to be able to help others in these same areas I struggled through.

Click here to read an article in the local newspaper about Cecilia. (Source: Meadow Lake Northern Pride)


Solutions to Current Events:

In 2014, Christine earned her graduate degree by writing a Master's thesis titled Examining the Influence of Aboriginal literature on Aboriginal Students' Resilience at the University of Saskatchewan which focused on how an Indigenous student's resilience is impacted by traumatic life experiences. Her solution was to include Indigenous content in the form of Indigenous literature to better support the learning of Indigenous people. EducationMattersArticle

Part of the services offered by this business offers educating the non-Indigenous public about Indigenous people. Click here to read an e-book article about Christine written by Saskatoon author Elizabeth Shih

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