Mission Statement

We serve others through one-to-one consultations, presentations, workshops, & personal development programs that increase knowledge and understandings from an Indigenous perspective.


Hi! Tansi! I’m Christine Fiddler from the treaty 6 territory of Waterhen Lake First Nation. I am a facilitator, educator, certified life coach, and owner of Free the Spirit Consulting based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


We facilitate engaging and interactive presentations, workshops, and short-term self-improvement programs for individuals and groups with the aim of increased understandings about oneself and others that can be a source of enlightenment, empowerment, and education.


  • greater self-awareness
  • personal lifestyle change
  • individual empowerment
  • healthy relationship building
  • develop talents and potential
  • build human capital
  • facilitate employability
  • enhance quality of life
  • contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Costs are reasonable, we can discuss these and come up with reasonable rates that work for both of us. Let's start the exciting work together and achieve great things! Thank you!

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"The workshop was totally eye-opening. It made me acknowledge my own biases and misconceptions, and to realize that everybody has a different lived experience, which needs to be taken into account before making decisions about people or situations." —Chase Samuel, workshop participant "Understanding Misconceptions, Camp Fyrefly Saskatoon 2017

"I enjoyed your workshop. I really enjoyed the goal part, that activity made the youth think about their life. Thanks Christine!" —Chasity Wahobin, Summer Student Director, Waterhen Lake First Nation

"Christine is down to earth and easy to talk to. Her approach to facilitation is to connect with the people by drawing on their strengths - she is mindful about including all voices. Christine does not shy away from challenges and she always puts her best foot forward.” —Dr. Marlene Mckay, Assistant professor, University of Saskatchewan

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